The Office of Fair Trading describes SCAMS as: Scheming Crafty Aggressive Malicious Their advice is that “If it looks too good to be true it probably is!” Related articles Don’t Know The Number? Don’t Return The Call – It’s A… Read More ›


I haven’t posted any blogs for a while because I haven’t been feeling well. I appreciate your patience in sticking by me and I will try not to disappear without notice again!


I would like to apologize for not posting any content lately. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up with my internet provider, I have been on speeds slower than dial-up and have been unable to access most websites. Thankfully, after many phone… Read More ›


It would almost be better if my competition were another woman. At least then I would not feel so guilty about hurting.  WebStory: Everyone’s blog software


When a child experiences violence and feels rage and throws tantrums etc, we say they are traumatized and send them to therapy. When a returned soldier murders his family over some perceived insult, we recognize that he has PTSD and… Read More ›

Random Note #7

Today, on this ANZAC Day, I honour the memories of all those who have fought for our freedom and the freedom of our children and grandchildren. I honour those who have died in battle. I honour those who suffered and… Read More ›

Thumbs Down

…to caffeine withdrawal. I feel absolutely miserable right now! Related articles It’s Official: Caffeine Withdrawal Is a Mental Health Disorder ( Caffeine Withdrawal a Mental Disorder? ( DSM’s Latest Mental Disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal ( Caffeine Crazed ( Caffeine withdrawal now… Read More ›


If everybody in the world went to bed on Sunday night and unknowingly slept through to Tuesday morning, what day would it be? Would it still be Tuesday? Or would it be Monday because that is what everybody thought it… Read More ›

Thumbs Up

…to ‘Honk if You Love Japan’. This guy has promised to donate $600 for every million views, so head on over to YouTube and check him out:

Officially A Member

I attended my second Toastmasters meeting tonight. I was a little less nervous than last time. Unlike my usual manner, I actually recalled everybody’s names. I also met some others who weren’t present last time. Anyway, another woman and myself… Read More ›