Delicious Dinner

Earth cooked a very delicious dinner tonight. We had Pork steaks served with Baked potato, kent pumpkin, and steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrot, followed by a slice of chocolate cake. Yuuuuuummmmmm! Poor Yasmine was too sick to eat it, so… Read More ›

My First Order

I’m really excited! I placed my very first order from the BookCrossing supply store last night. I ordered some limited edition book plates I’ve been coveting as well as a variety of stickers, release bags, pencils, a rubber stamp and… Read More ›


Today marks the beginning of our fourteenth year together. Yep, we started dating thirteen years ago to the day – 25 March 1995. I was only seventeen then. Earth was my first boyfriend and I have not regretted our life… Read More ›


Right after I blogged yesterday, I heard a knock on the door. It was a lady with a beautiful bunch of flowers from my wonderful husband, who was out getting the scooter fixed! Related articles 13 Lovely Flower Names (

Bloody PC!

Well, my PC has karked it again, so I’m back to using the Library once a week. I’ve absolutely had it with that ruddy computer! I persuaded hubby to give it back to Radio Rentals and rent a laptop (excuse… Read More ›