• Go on a cruise (Done: when I was 13, and again in 2016)
  • Visit the white cliffs of dover
  • Visit the British Museum
  • Live in a foreign country for 6 months
  • Take part in an archaeological dig (Done: High School)
  • Visit a ghost town
  • Throw a dart at a map and just go
  • Sleep on an overnight train
  • Ride the Gahn
  • Have my portrait painted
  • Bathe in a waterfall
  • Ride a double decker bus
  • Kiss the Blarney Stone
  • Get a hug from a monkey
  • Wear a wedding dress
  • Get laser eye surgery (if I’m eligible)
  • Sleep in a castle
  • Fly first class
  • See cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Take a random flight
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Work in a bookshop
  • Hold a real sword
  • Take up photography
  • Attend a thanksgiving celebration
  • Experience a white Xmas
  • Visit the Ghibli museum
  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • See the Louvre
  • Earn a university degree
  • Visit Weta Workshop
  • Take the Hobbiton tour
  • Sell at least one copy of my book to someone who doesn’t know me
  • Picnic in Kew Gardens
  • Tour the Tower of London
  • Visit Buckingham Palace
  • Buy something from Harrods
  • Have a go at playing bagpipes


  • Eat at a maid café
  • Eat at a butler café
  • Taste genuine Scottish haggis
  • Try a real cup of tea in Britain
  • Order room service
  • Fly somewhere for lunch, then fly home again
  • Eat a meal in an English pub
  • Drink a glass of single malt whiskey in Scotland
  • Buy a drink in an Irish Pub


  • Buy someone a $2000 gift
  • Donate an entire trolley full of toys to charity at Xmas


  • Own one item of real jewellery
  • Own a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts’ signed by Eddie Redmayne
  • Own a set of Harry Potter books with each book signed by one of the Ministry Six, with the seventh signed by J.K. Rowling
  • Own a pinball machine
  • Own a genuine work of art
  • Buy a photographer’s camera
  • Own a life-sized Ryuk plushie
  • Own my own home outright

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