For a relatively small amount of money, an excellent solution is to buy him a hand-held Satellite Navigation System for his birthday/Christmas which is an excellent spatial boy’s toy that will allow him always to be right, never to be… Read More ›

Crazy Joker

We celebrated Annie’s tenth birthday yesterday. We don’t have a party every year, just on the important birthdays – 5, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21 – and Annie wanted it to be special. She requested to have her party at… Read More ›

Busy Weekend

We’ve had a very busy weekend this week. Yesterday, we had Yasmine’s birthday party. We had a pretty fairy come and paint our faces, spray pretty colours in our hair and make some balloon art. We blew lots of bubbles… Read More ›


As some of you may know, it was my 32nd birthday on the 13th. As usual, we waited for the weekend to celebrate, so we had our celebration tonight. Earth made and decorated a delicious chocolate mudcake – it looked… Read More ›

My Birthday Presents

Well, we wound up celebrating my birthday last night, instead of waiting till the weekend BBQ. We had Indian for dinner, followed by Chocolate Mud-cake for dessert. In between dinner and dessert I opened my gifts. In addition to the… Read More ›


As many of you may know, it was my birthday on Sunday. As we are celebrating with a Barbie this coming Saturday, I did not get any of my gifts on Sunday. Well, hubby just gave me his gift this… Read More ›