I really should be at college today, but I have skipped out. I forgot to put sunscreen on when we went to Wollongong the other day. As a result, I am agonizingly sunburned. I cannot carry my bag. I can… Read More ›

Fast Catch

Because we are probably moving a fair distance, I have a huge pile of books I am releasing. Rather than staging one mass release, I am trying to spread my releases out. To facilitate this, I have instituted a rule… Read More ›

My First Order

I’m really excited! I placed my very first order from the BookCrossing supply store last night. I ordered some limited edition book plates I’ve been coveting as well as a variety of stickers, release bags, pencils, a rubber stamp and… Read More ›


I recieved a package yesterday. I was very excited when I realised it was for me. It was another gift from the Bookcrossing Holiday Wishlist thread! I get such a thrill whenever I get one of these packages! This time… Read More ›