Ration Sheet

While preparing for my ration challenge, I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable ration book template, so I created my own. It isn’t perfect (and it is 2 sheets rather than a booklet), but it suitable for my… Read More ›

First Contact

Originally posted on Cheri Speak:
I love watching Ancient Aliens. In fact, I love watching most things about space, the cosmos, and the potential for discovering intelligent life “out there” … somewhere. Science and technology have come a long way…

Freeman Dyson

“The destiny of our species is shaped by the imperatives of survival on six distinct time scales. To survive means to compete successfully on all six time scales. But the unit of survival is different at each of the six… Read More ›

Does Jesus Save Aliens?

Four hundred years after Renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for his belief in the “plurality of worlds” (aliens), scientists and religious leaders gathered this week at a seemingly more open-minded Vatican for a conference on astrobiology… Read More ›


  I spoke to Earth on phone last night. He is very depressed which is understandable. What has me worried though, is that he stated that he’d not had anything to eat or drink since the day before because he… Read More ›

Getting to Know Me

Name: Nurture Age:31 Gender:Female Marital status:Married Romance:is wonderful. Hair colour:Browny Eye colour:Blue Long or short hair:Short Favourite thing to eat:Chocolate Favourite thing to wear:skirts Favourite perfume/cologne:rose or lavender Favourite food:Indian or Burritos or Chocolate Favourite drink:Water or coca-cola Favourite colour:Purple… Read More ›


We have an inspection tomorrow so the whole house needed to be cleaned today. Unfortunately this coincided with my first physio today. The physiotherapist twisted my foot this way and that and got me to do some exercises and stuff,… Read More ›

Only in Australia

Unusual Australian Place Names: Boing Boing, NT Come by chance, NSW Foul Bay, SA Gingin, WA Humpybong, Qld Innaloo, WA Jimcumbilly, NSW Loos, SA Mount Buggery, Vic Nowhere Else, Tas & SA Poowong, Vic Rooty Hill, NSW Smiggin Holes, NSW… Read More ›