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It’s something that everyone seems to unconsciously agree on: Looking young is not only good and desirable but necessary, at almost ant cost. The underlying agreement is that aging and the later stages of life are not good. — Ellen… Read More ›

Getting Old

America is collectively terrified of getting old. It’s almost too obvious to say that few people want to look middle-aged, and no-one wants to look as if they’re over forty. — Ellen Steiber in Tall, Dark and…Thirsty? from A New Dawn edited… Read More ›


…fantasy or not, it’s unsettling for a teenage girl to lose herself so much in her boyfriend that she can only think of protecting him if he should kill her. — Anne Ursu in My Boyfriend Sparkles from A New… Read More ›


Bella’s specialness is tied up in the strength of her love, and the love she evokes in return, and like all classic heroes, this shapes her loss as well as her destiny. Not [sic] matter what she does, Bella seems… Read More ›

Star-cross’d Lovers

“A pair of star-cross’d lovers” (Romeo and Juliet prologue), Edward and Bella were fated to fall in love. — Rosemary Clement-Moore in Romeo, Ripley, and Bella Swan from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins


But what makes Edward so damn addictive is not his undeadness. It’s his abiding humanity. — Ellen Hopkins in To Twilight or Not to Twilight from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins