Fallen by David Maine is a vivid retelling of the old, familiar stories of Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel. Beginning with the final days of Cain and moving back in time to Adam and Eve’s banishment from the… Read More ›


Powerlessness creeps in as a result of setbacks children experience as they strive to feel confident and self-assured. They can’t do things as well as their older siblings or peers, so they feel frustrated. They are criticized and punished and… Read More ›

I Blend In

At first glance, I blend into the crowd. I have a hubby and four kids. I’m average height. I still have my natural hair colour. I’m a little on the obese side, but that isn’t unusual these days. I eat… Read More ›

Freeman Dyson

“The destiny of our species is shaped by the imperatives of survival on six distinct time scales. To survive means to compete successfully on all six time scales. But the unit of survival is different at each of the six… Read More ›

Stefania Siedlecky in ‘Teenage Sexuality and Pregnancy in Australia’ from ‘Children Having Children: Global Perspectives on Teenage Pregnancy’

“Society generally has had punitive and judgmental attitudes towards teenage sexuality and pregnancy – directed mainly at girls. There is reluctance to provide adequate sex education for fear of encouraging promiscuity, a reluctance to make contraception more easily available –… Read More ›