Just a quick apology for not posting a Top Ten Tuesday this week. I’ve had problems with my internet. It appears to be working now, though it is incredibly slow, so I will attempt to get a story out tonight… Read More ›

Beyond 2000

I was born in 1977, placing me right on the generational cusp. I don’t quite fit in with the Gen-X-ers, but nor am I entirely comfortable with the Millenials. Whether it’s cultural references, technology, or social issues, I seem to… Read More ›

British Food?

I have recently developed an interest in trying as many traditional and regional British dishes as I can. I don’t know why — there was no specific incident or trigger for this interest. I simply, all of a sudden, desired… Read More ›

Cowards All

Note added 28/11/2020: Yes, I did believe this at one point in my life. I was going through a lot in my life (which I have no intention of posting here, so don’t bother asking) and I was in a very dark place. It was a very brief interlude in my life of maybe a few years where I hated everyone and everything, myself most of all. I didn’t believe this before that time, and I don’t believe it now. However, I am not going to delete this post as I believe in owning my mistakes as well as my successes.

HP/Z-Nation Recs?

First, let me begin by apologising for the lack of Top Ten Tuesday and Fiction Friday last week. My internet was too intermittent for lengthy blog posts, and I had neither the time, nor the inclination to catch the bus… Read More ›


I learned to use chopsticks when I was a kid. My Dad was the entrepreneurial type, always starting new businesses, always swearing that ‘this was the one’. We had periods when I was very young when we didn’t have a… Read More ›

Been Sick

I’ve been really sick lately and haven’t felt up to blogging. I haven’t even felt up to writing! The doc has me on antibiotics now, though, so hopefully I’ll be fine to resume both blogging and writing by Friday.


I apologise, but today’s Top Ten Tuesday has been cancelled as I ran out of time before leaving for my cruise. Today’s topic will reappear some time in April.

Wrong Number

“Hello?” Sandra said into the phone. “G’day. I’m calling to speak to Mike.” Said the voice on the other end. “Sorry, mate. Wrong number. There’s no Mike here.”  She answered before hanging up the phone. Thirty seconds later, the phone… Read More ›


The first time I disappeared, I was six. One moment, I was sitting at the table eating spaghetti with my family, the next moment I was gone. Just like that; now you see me, now you don’t.

Santa Knows

Sarah and her thirteen-year-old sister had been fighting a lot this year. This happens when you combine a headstrong two-year-old, who is sure she is always right, with a young adolescent. Sarah’s parents, trying to take advantage of her newfound… Read More ›

Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Whichever holiday you observe, please celebrate safely and enjoy the season responsibly. I wish you and your loved ones health,… Read More ›