After sending out tons of job applications, I was finally offered a job interview. My interview was at Woolies in the Northside Plaza for a checkout chick position. I am pretty confident about it. In fact this interview brings home… Read More ›


A while back, I suffered from anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. I have come a long way since then, but there are still some remnants of this in my life. There are many things that still make me nervous – I… Read More ›

Thumbs Down

…to caffeine withdrawal. I feel absolutely miserable right now! Related articles It’s Official: Caffeine Withdrawal Is a Mental Health Disorder ( Caffeine Withdrawal a Mental Disorder? ( DSM’s Latest Mental Disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal ( Caffeine Crazed ( Caffeine withdrawal now… Read More ›


I admit it. I’ve gone on health kicks before. I even managed to last a couple of weeks once. But this time is different. This time it’s serious. This time, I’m in it for the long hall. This time, I’ve… Read More ›

Sibling Rivalry

Have you ever had one of those days where the kids just won’t stop bickering? You know the ones – when the house is filled with whingeing and whining and ‘Stop That!’ and ‘Leave me alone!’ and ‘That’s mine!’ and… Read More ›

Yes to Female Circumcision?

Is it a good idea to fight against female circumcision? Not neccesarily according to Sierra Leonean-American anthropologist Fuambai Ahmadu. In an interview in Anthropology Today (available free as pdf here), she attacks Western feminists, media and anti-Female Genital Mutilation campaigns… Read More ›

Stefania Siedlecky in ‘Teenage Sexuality and Pregnancy in Australia’ from ‘Children Having Children: Global Perspectives on Teenage Pregnancy’

“Society generally has had punitive and judgmental attitudes towards teenage sexuality and pregnancy – directed mainly at girls. There is reluctance to provide adequate sex education for fear of encouraging promiscuity, a reluctance to make contraception more easily available –… Read More ›