How do unschooling parents know their children are learning? The answer to this question is, to put it most simply, direct observation. — Jan Hunt in The Unschooling Unmanual Related articles The Teenage Liberation Handbook ( ‘Unschooling’ – education fad… Read More ›


The assumption that unschooling parents somehow lack awareness of their children’s progress, and therefore require formal evaluation of that progress, is related to the fact that unschoolers function outside the arena of the schools, and our philosophies and methods are… Read More ›

We Have A Name!

Researching homeschooling revealed to us that many homeschoolers choose to name their school. We all thought this was a fun idea, so we decided to put together an ‘unofficial’ lesson. (‘official’ lessons begin in January). Our lesson’s theme was elections…. Read More ›


Every Good Boy Deserves Fun (lines on a treble clef; the spaces are remembered as FACE) Mites Grow Up, Tights Come Down (Difference between Stalagmites & Stalactites) Spring Forward, Fall Back (Which way to turn clocks for daylight savings) My… Read More ›