Powerlessness creeps in as a result of setbacks children experience as they strive to feel confident and self-assured. They can’t do things as well as their older siblings or peers, so they feel frustrated. They are criticized and punished and… Read More ›


The assumption that unschooling parents somehow lack awareness of their children’s progress, and therefore require formal evaluation of that progress, is related to the fact that unschoolers function outside the arena of the schools, and our philosophies and methods are… Read More ›


Some people think that a child’s cooperation is something adults are entitled to; they think it is something they can demand. But genuine cooperation cannot be demanded – it can only be earned, and must be given freely. When children… Read More ›


…the transfer, by the parents, of so much of their own authority and responsibility to the schools is in most ways a cowardly and contemptible business… —John Holt in ‘What Do I Do Monday?’ Related articles Quote This: John Holt… Read More ›

Mini Gaol Cell or Much Needed Break?

[juiceboxjungle height=”396″ width=”320″ video=”iframe/embed/162831_2009-09-22-205021?amazon_id=juic04-20″] More parenting videos on JuiceBoxJungle This is a tough issue. I’m not sure that I would categorize a playpen as a ‘mini gaol cell’. In some families they are actually necessary (when there are other children… Read More ›

To Pacify or Not to Pacify?

[juiceboxjungle height=”327″ width=”320″ video=”iframe/embed/133109_2009-07-30-180259″] More parenting videos on JuiceBoxJungle This is a fairly controversial subject amongst parents. Mum’s especially tend to be quite fanatical about whether pacifiers are good or bad.I personally feel there are arguments for both sides. Some… Read More ›