Ration Sheet

While preparing for my ration challenge, I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable ration book template, so I created my own. It isn’t perfect (and it is 2 sheets rather than a booklet), but it suitable for my… Read More ›


…every time there is a tragedy, it will invariably spawn its own set of jokes. Allan & Barbara Pease in Why Men Lie and Women Cry


This is my fourth speech from the Competent Communicator Manual. I gave this speech on 25 May 2010. The exercise is ‘How to Say It’. The title is ‘Food’ and the time is meant to be 5-7 minutes. I came… Read More ›

Mini Gaol Cell or Much Needed Break?

[juiceboxjungle height=”396″ width=”320″ video=”iframe/embed/162831_2009-09-22-205021?amazon_id=juic04-20″] More parenting videos on JuiceBoxJungle This is a tough issue. I’m not sure that I would categorize a playpen as a ‘mini gaol cell’. In some families they are actually necessary (when there are other children… Read More ›

Pigs Might Fly by Emily Rodda

Opening Sentence:“I wish something would happen!” Synopsis:‘I wish something would happen!’ said Rachel. ‘Something interesting!’ Afterwards, she would remember what she’d said and how she’d felt that rainy Saturday morning, and she would think: ‘That was really the beginning.’ And… Read More ›


Things you don’t see as often anymore. Horse troughs Though I’m sure there are plenty in the country Brushed nylon sheets Bellows Cakestands Football pools coupons Milk floats I had to look this one up! Inkwells Nightcaps Three-wheeled cars I… Read More ›