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The first grade was learning the letters of the alphabet. ‘What comes after T?’ the teacher asked. Nettie quickly answered, ‘V’. — Herbert V Prochnow & Herbert V Prochnow Jr. in Jokes, Quotes & One Liners Volume 2

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The professor was delivering the last lecture of term. ‘The examination papers are in the hands of the printer,’ he concluded. ‘Now, are there any questions you would like answered?’ Silence prevailed for a moment. Then a voice piped up,… Read More ›


‘Willie,’ the teacher asked the new pupil, ‘do you know your alphabet?’ ‘Yes, miss,’ answered Willie.’ ‘Well, then,’ continued the teacher, ‘what letter comes after A?’ ‘All the rest of them.’ — Herbert V Prochnow & Herbert V Prochnow Jr…. Read More ›


Tommy did not seem to understand subtraction, so the teacher tried to make it plain with the following example: ‘Now, suppose Billy had fifty pence,’ said the teacher. ‘Yes’m,’ said Tommy. ‘And you asked him for twenty-five.’ ‘Yes’m.’ ‘How much… Read More ›


I believe that boredom is a side-effect of the conventional school approach. In school, children are taught not to do what they feel like, and not to act on a sudden creative impulse or idea. Instead they are expected to… Read More ›


‘Some plants,’ said the biology teacher, ‘have the prefix “dog”. For instance, there is the dogwood, the dogviolet. Who can name another plant prefixed by “dog”?’ ‘I can,’ shouted the little boy in the back row. ‘How about “collie flower”?’… Read More ›


…the transfer, by the parents, of so much of their own authority and responsibility to the schools is in most ways a cowardly and contemptible business… —John Holt in ‘What Do I Do Monday?’ Related articles Quote This: John Holt… Read More ›


…it is our responsibility as teachers to have in our classrooms what the children need, to make a rich and varied environment for them to live, learn and grow in. ‘The school won’t let me get anything’ is not an… Read More ›