Christmas #1

As some of my readers will know, we are a pagan family and don’t usually celebrate Christmas. Well, that has just changed. We (like many Christian families, I’d imagine) have found that the kids have been concentrating on the gift… Read More ›

Books I Read in November 2009

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer My Brother’s Keeper: The official Bra Boys story by Sean Doherty Related articles Books I Read in 2012 ( A Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling ( Bra Boy fined for ‘misguided chivalry’ ( 2013 Releases You… Read More ›

Bloody PC!

Well, my PC has karked it again, so I’m back to using the Library once a week. I’ve absolutely had it with that ruddy computer! I persuaded hubby to give it back to Radio Rentals and rent a laptop (excuse… Read More ›