Getting Old

America is collectively terrified of getting old. It’s almost too obvious to say that few people want to look middle-aged, and no-one wants to look as if they’re over forty. — Ellen Steiber in Tall, Dark and…Thirsty? from A New Dawn edited… Read More ›


…fantasy or not, it’s unsettling for a teenage girl to lose herself so much in her boyfriend that she can only think of protecting him if he should kill her. — Anne Ursu in My Boyfriend Sparkles from A New… Read More ›

Living Death

At the end of New Moon we wonder: Will they be permanently united in living death, as Bella plans? Or is their fate to love and lose each other, which would be, as Bella has already experienced, another kind of… Read More ›


Despite Edwards worries, Bella never has a doubt that she loves him, and wants to be with him, even though predator versus prey trumps Montague versus Capulet by anyone’s measure. — Rosemary Clement-Moore in Romeo, Ripley, and Bella Swan from… Read More ›


Edward brings new meaning and intensity to the word remorse. — Susan Vaught in A Very Dangerous Boy from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins


But what makes Edward so damn addictive is not his undeadness. It’s his abiding humanity. — Ellen Hopkins in To Twilight or Not to Twilight from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins

Books I Read in November 2009

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer My Brother’s Keeper: The official Bra Boys story by Sean Doherty Related articles Books I Read in 2012 ( A Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling ( Bra Boy fined for ‘misguided chivalry’ ( 2013 Releases You… Read More ›