Getting Old

America is collectively terrified of getting old. It’s almost too obvious to say that few people want to look middle-aged, and no-one wants to look as if they’re over forty. — Ellen Steiber in Tall, Dark and…Thirsty? from A New Dawn edited… Read More ›


Despite Edwards worries, Bella never has a doubt that she loves him, and wants to be with him, even though predator versus prey trumps Montague versus Capulet by anyone’s measure. — Rosemary Clement-Moore in Romeo, Ripley, and Bella Swan from… Read More ›


Edward brings new meaning and intensity to the word remorse. — Susan Vaught in A Very Dangerous Boy from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins


But what makes Edward so damn addictive is not his undeadness. It’s his abiding humanity. — Ellen Hopkins in To Twilight or Not to Twilight from A New Dawn edited by Ellen Hopkins