writing exercise

Writing Exercise Response (May 2021)

I got so caught up in my history assignment yesterday that I completely forgot about blogging. As an apology, I’m going to post twice today.


In the end, our destruction came from far away, beyond our lands, beyond even the beyond.

Writing Exercise Responses (April 2021)

I’m moving house tonight and won’t have internet access for a while, so I’m posting this week’s Fiction Friday a day early.
You might think that day would be forgotten, lost in the cacophony of days since.
He is alive, though death would be better, I think.

Writing Exercise Responses (March 2021)

Lust turned to confusion, then terror, as loud tremors announced the first impact.
He did not wish for more time, though the opportunity to cause more mayhem would be welcome.
Heimdall watched, eyes hard, as Loki lay, wounded and broken, on the frozen ground.